Between Dorothée and Nicolas, it's love at first sight. Together, they will live a very, very great love story ... They are sure, some. But life always strives to thwart the best resolutions, the most perfect of scenarios and nothing is going to go as planned. From misunderstandings to disputes, from oaths to betrayals, from real departures to false reunions, and vice versa, they will be drawn into the whirlwind of a comedy as tormented as their passion...

Released on 7 April 2010

Technical Sheet

  • Director

    Pascal Thomas
  • Productor

    Les Films Français, France 2 Cinéma, Ah ! Victoria ! Films
  • Cast

    Julien Doré, Marina Hands, Guillaume Gallienne, Laure De Clermont, Benoit Bartherotte, Noémie Lvovsky
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  • Duration