In a wonderful forest, in the time of the Druids, the shepherd Celadon and the shepherdess Astrée love each other with pure love. Deceived by a suitor, Astrée dismisses Celadon who, in despair, throws himself into a river. She thinks he’s dead, but he’s secretly saved by nymphs.
Faithful to his promise not to reappear in the eyes of his beauty, Celadon will have to overcome the proofers to break the curse. Mad with love and despair, coveted by the nymphs, surrounded by rivals, forced to disguise himself as a woman to rub shoulders with the one he loves, will he be able to be recognized without breaking his oath?

Official selection- Venice film festival

Released on September 5, 2007

Technical Sheet

  • Director

    Eric Rohmer
  • Productor

    Compagnie Eric Rohmer, Rezo Productions,Bim Distribuzione
  • Cast

    Andy Gillet, Stéphanie Crayencour, Cécile Cassel, Véronique Reymond, Rosette, Jocelyn Quivrin
  • Genre

    Dramatic comedy
  • Year

  • Nationality

  • Duration