The Libyan War seen from the inside. On the ground and in the capitals of the world. By those who made it - Libyans, French and others. After thirty years of fighting in different theatres of conflict on the planet, a man, Bernard-Henri Lévy, leads us here, and takes us with him, in the footsteps of Malraux, Hemingway, the Free French of the second DB of General Leclerc, but also of himself. Six months of exceptional dramaturgy. Six months of a war of liberation culminating in the fall of one of the longest, most relentless, modern dictatorships. A war that has a beginning but perhaps no end. The making-of of a war.

Presentation: Cannes film festival 2012

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  • Director

    Bernard-Henri Levi
  • Productor

    Margo cinéma - Studio 37 – Arte France cinéma
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