It’s an extraordinary friendship. David is 50 years old, Romain is 13...
David, professor of dermatology, crazy about his profession, has been treating and operating on him since he was 2 years old.
With a rare genetic deficiency, Romain lives away from daylight.
He’s "a child of the moon".
Nothing seems to be able to separate them until the day David obtains a mutation that he no longer expected. How to announce to Romain his departure?
The day of separation is approaching, a new trial for one and the other.

Released on 2 March 2011

Technical Sheet

  • Director

    Delphine Gleize
  • Productor

    Les productions Balthazar
  • Cast

    Vincent Lindon, Emmanuelle Devos, Quentin Challal, Caroline Proust, Nathalie Boutefeu, Laurent Capelluto
  • Genre

  • Year

  • Nationality

  • Duration