White and Black, two orphans, sow terror in the streets of Takara, the "treasure" city. Racketeering bandits, yakuza and religious fanatics, the two kids, nicknamed “cats” for their agility, are however very different. While Black appears hard and mad, White is innocent and lunar.
Everything changes the day when a powerful yakuza decides to eliminate them in order to reshape the city in his image. But the worst danger for the two brothers could come from their inner demons threatening to crush their souls.

Released on May 2, 2007

Technical Sheet

  • Director

    Michael Arias
  • Productor

    Aniplex, Asmik Ace Entertainment, Shogakukan/Beyond C., Dentsu, Tokyo Mx
  • Cast

    Kazunari Ninomiya, Yu Aoi, Min Tanaka, Yūsuke Iseya, Masahiro Motoki
  • Genre

  • Year

  • Nationality

  • Duration