Maxence Lafourcade, a quiet bachelor, raises pigs in the Pyrenees. His life changes when he learns that the next highway will cross his mountains, his valley, his farm, his room!
To face the cynical deputy mayor and his project, he must make an unnatural alliance with the "American of the corner".
Peter Konchelsky, retired disillusioned lawyer, adopts the farmer’s cause under the astonished gaze of his daughter Scarlett. Eccentric artist, she discovers in Maxence an unexpected human model!
Join this band of "Resistants": Inès ecoterrorist always at the forefront of the fight, Fabrice champion of the local team who judges that his uncle the Mayor has lost "the rugby spirit" and Bouzigue, cousin of Maxence who fears to lose customers of his service station...
"No Pasaran!"

Released on July 15, 2009

Technical Sheet

  • Director

    Eric Martin & Emmanuel Caussé
  • Productor

    Pierre Javaux Productions, France 2 Cinéma
  • Cast

    Cyril Lecomte, Elodie Navarre, Bernard Blancan, Murray Head, Rossy de Palma, Didier Pain
  • Genre

  • Year

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  • Duration