21 March 2010. Georges Frêche is re-elected in his chair. In Languedoc, he is the President. For six months, during a dazzling and captivating campaign, Yves Jeuland’s camera did not leave him. Everywhere, out of the field and out of the way, his eye was there, in the secret of the conciliabules and the ends of the banquet, facing the tenors of the media, in his office, in his car, at the jump of the bed as at the edge of his pool. Accompanied by his two advisers, Georges Frêche proved to be a formidable political animal, a great Rabelaisian actor, Matois and provocateur. Without complacency or pretense, Georges Frêche is filmed at large. A violent and jubilant human comedy, funny and ruthless, this journey to the heart of an election campaign is a lesson on public affairs and the games of power.

Released on December 15, 2010

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    Yves Jeuland
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    La générale de production
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