After 40 years of absence, Socrates decides to return to Corsica, his native country. His son Antoine, who had never known the island, accompanied him. In Bastia, Socrates finds old friends with emotion and settles down with his sister Barberine, with Antoine. But his long-awaited return causes trouble when one of his friends he has just seen is mysteriously assaulted. Only clue: a lighter, engraved with a date and the initials of Socrates. No one recognizes this lighter, but it seems to stir up an old family secret. Simultaneously, Antoine discovers Corsica, its summer atmosphere and its inhabitants that he still has trouble understanding as his prejudices are persistent. From then on, Antoine sought to understand the exile of his father and his unspoken. He ran into a wall of silence. It is in this state of frustration that he falls in love with Marie. In the silences of the island, family secrets take the shape of small mountain roads, serpentine and steep.

Released on July 7, 2004

Technical Sheet

  • Director

    Frédéric Graziani
  • Productor

    Pierre Forette, Thierry Wong
  • Cast

    Michel Duchaussoy, Stéphane Rideau, Vahina Giocante, Andréa Ferréol, Marie-José Nat
  • Genre

  • Year

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  • Duration