Following a series of unresolved robberies, the authorities decide to give Commander Clara Damico carte blanche in order to neutralize a particularly organized gang. His only lead: Manuel Makarov, a well-known figure of organized crime, currently serving a sentence of twelve years in prison. She promises him freedom in exchange for his collaboration. He refuses. Without any other solution, she will therefore be forced to force him to do so.
But everything gets complicated when Damico asks Makarov to intervene with his son Cyril, a young delinquent over whom she has no control...

Released on October 26, 2011

Technical Sheet

  • Director

    Frank Henry
  • Productor

    Marilyn Productions, Iris Productions
  • Cast

    Eric Cantona, Isabelle Adjani, Simon Abkarian, Thierry Frémont, Anne Consigny
  • Genre

  • Year

  • Nationality

    France, Luxemburg
  • Duration