Autobiography not allowed. Docu-funny. A tribute to our greatest French actor. From 1967 to the present day, Jacques Chirac appeared every day on television: millions of hours of automaton gestures, jerky diction, feverish cavalcades. What if at the time of the assessment, Jacques Chirac decided to say everything, to restore his truth?

This is the bet of Dans la peau de Jacques Chirac: Karl Zéro and Michel Royer revisit the best moments of these forty years of archives of the "Chiraquian gesture". It is the President himself who justifies the meaning of this relentless quest for power... when reality exceeds fiction!

Released on 31 May 2006

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    Karl Zéro et Michel Royer
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    Bonne Pioche, Méfiez-vous des contrefaçons
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