1968. The Maïmon family: Félix, Mireille and their two children, Eric and Michel, arrive in Marseille.
A few years later, barely settled in Belleville, Félix met Serge, a local godfather with whom he befriended. Serge leads Felix on the paths of the great banditry, until he is taken by the police and decides to assume, in place of Serge, the responsibility of chief of band. Mireille, ashamed, tells her children that their father returned to fight in Israel.
Michel and Eric spend their free time playing in a vacant lot next to the apartment, where Michel discovers an abandoned hiding place filled with objects of war, including an old cinema projector. Mireille takes the family to heart and tries to protect her children from the influence of Serge.

Released on 12 December 2007

Technical Sheet

  • Director

    Marco Carmel
  • Productor

    Mercredi Films
  • Cast

    Richard Berry, Gad Elmaleh, Yaël Abecassis, Jules-Angelo Bigarnet, Corentin Daumas, Jean-Philippe Ecoffey,
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