From petty robberies to petty robberies, Ryan ends up in prison. There, he meets Jean, a former boxing champion. Upon contact, he discovers one of the most violent sports, “Thai boxing” and all the moral values associated with it. When he gets out of prison, he goes to Thailand. There, he discovers that the training camp that Jean told him about is inaccessible to foreigners. His first fight will be to be accepted in this camp, at the cost of all humiliations…

Released on February 16, 2005

Technical Sheet

  • Director

    Xavier Durringer
  • Productor

    Stephan films, Telegraphe, France 2 cinéma
  • Cast

    Dida Diafat, Bernard Giraudeau, Florence Vanida Faivre, Lakshan, Sombat Metanee
  • Genre

  • Year

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  • Duration