In these places where we meet without ever meeting each other. Where music manages the impulse of the bodies. He, his fiancé, dances with his eyes turned towards himself. He does not look at her. He is far too busy melting his body with the primordial hydra made of the bodies of others. They are all beautiful, they only aspire to recognize themselves in the beauty of the other.
She is the girl, dressed in black. So young and already dressed in the mourning of herself. In the toilet, she takes a razor and cuts her wrist. That’s how they meet. Now she takes over the power of the victims.
She’ll pay whatever it takes for him to look at her: "Where she’s not looking". Because it is from the eyes of men that is constituted the obscenity of women. She chose him because he does not like women. From this head-to-head is born the desire and murderous hatred that accompanies it.

Released on January 28, 2004

Technical Sheet

  • Director

    Catherine Breillat
  • Productor

    Flach Film, CB Films
  • Cast

    Amira Casar, Rocco Siffredi, Alexandre Belin, Manuel Tagland, Jacques Monge, Claudio Carvalho, Carolina Lopes, Diogo Rodrigues
  • Genre

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