Successful businessman, symbol of modern and uninhibited capitalism, Michel Ganiant has everything: money, power, love. As he prepares to realize the "coup" of his career, he agrees to be followed by the camera of Joseph Klein, an impertinent and committed journalist. It must have been an ode to the genius of the great man. It will be a breathtaking and exhilarating journey behind the scenes of business and the lives of the rich and powerful.Welcome to the world of Michel Ganiant. No luck, it’s also yours...

Released on 27 April 2011

Technical Sheet

  • Director

    Stéphane Kazandjian
  • Productor

    Delante films
  • Cast

    François-Xavier Demaison, Laurent Lafitte, Laurence Arné, Xavier De Guillebon, Guy Bedos, Alain Doutey, Patrick Bouchitey
  • Genre

  • Nationality

  • Duration